Why do I still have a cold?

//Why do I still have a cold?

Why do I still have a cold?

Rush rush rush. In today’s fast paced environment sometimes it’s hard to slow down when you get a cold. You try to work through it, “soldier on” and hope that you feel better. Sometimes it works but more often the symptoms prolong and leave you feeling absolutely miserable.

Generally colds last about a week but if you’re under the weather for longer than that, one of these things could be to blame.

  • You aren’t getting enough rest
  • You are low on fluids
  • You are stressed
  • You have stopped working out
  • You are treating the wrong illness
  • You are taking the wrong things for it

MyLiquitab provides an easy and pleasant solution for those who prefer not to swallow cold and flu medications or have difficulty swallowing pills. People may feel too sick or be unable to swallow them or have an unpleasant association between pills and illness. But medicines are very important, whether they are temporary such as cold/flu meds, regular treatment or preventative medications. So if you have a cold this season, Rest up! Drink lots of water! Work Out! And Chill out!

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