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The myLiquitab Homecare System

The myLiquitab Homecare System is made up of the myLiquitab Homecare Unit and the myLiquitab Homecare Pack.

The myLiquitab Homecare Pack contains;

  • the myLiquitab Flavouring
  • disposable myLiquitab Beakers (designed specifically for the unit and capable of up to 3-4 uses. The beakers are disposable for better hygiene and the minimising of cross contamination risk),
  • 1 stirring paddle for the myLiquitab Unit (the paddle rotates when the unit is activated to assist in the dispersion of medication into the liquid)

myLiquitab Beaker use in the Home Setting. 

Each myLiquitab Beaker can be used 3-4 times by a single user. To minimise the potential risk of cross contamination please ensure that the beaker is washed and dried thoroughly between each use.

myLiquitab recommends that each beaker is used ONCE ONLY to minimise the risk of cross contamination and to ensure you get ‘your medication only.’

myLiquitab Beaker use in the Clinical Setting.

The myLiquitab Unit can be used in a clinical setting for up to 6 people, each with 6 serves per day. Each myLiquitab Beaker is to be used ONCE ONLY to ensure clinical outcomes against cross infection and cross contamination.

myLiquitab Beakers are 100% recyclable.

Click here to view the myLiquitab Instruction Manual