Man Flu

Man Flu

It’s Sunday after a hard weekend of drinking and merry making at my future son in-law’s buck’s night, to celebrate my daughter’s upcoming marriage in the 3 weeks’ time.

Starting at 11am in a ‘watering hole’ in Richmond, moving onto numerous water holes. At each venue, the groom to be completes increasingly more daring tasks. Great fun with great people! A mandatory late night followed by an early morning.  We are all feeling ‘slightly under the weather’.

Being a male, I’m never ill. My wife has a different point of view, “you were unwell last week,” after the mighty Bombers loss. The symptoms increase in intensity.

It’s amazing how a cold, cough, headache, fever knows it’s night time and become worse. I feel terrible. I’m sure the worst symptoms anyone has had….

My wife says smiling, “in medical history feed a cold, feed a fever. My throat and ears feel like I have swallowed a dead cat. Swallowing becomes impossible. How can I possibly swallow my cold and flu tablets?

I manage to survive the night. Fortunately my wife slept well. Polly, our ‘fourth daughter’ (our loving dog), is a great moral supporter.

Eventually Monday morning arrives. An urgent call to my doctor for an emergency appointment. It’s was touch and go, an ambulance to Ed, I resist.

Sat in the doctor’s waiting room, which seemed hours, but was actually 10 minutes.  Holding the chair, breathing deep, awaiting the results…was it terminal? A new form of illness not known by the medical fraternity?

The verdict: It’s a cold. Did I need a second opinion? Maybe not. Two Panadol, four hourly.

Still like swallowing razor blades.

I wished I had myLiquitab to help swallowing solid dose medication. How I dream of swallowing tablets with ease. No pain, no discomfort.

myLiquitab is for the whole family and makes treating flu symptoms bearable.


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