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My Motivation in Developing myLiquitab

My daughter, who is now 30 years of age, has never been able to swallow tablets. This difficulty swallowing tablets is often worse than the illness itself. Over a number of years, this has not changed.

A number of years ago, a very close family member had to be admitted to an elderly care facility as her physical status deteriorates and was unable to be cared for at home by her devoted husband.

I remember visiting this family friend who was articulate and well spoken. She had become a resident some few weeks earlier, and had, in most part, come to terms with ‘institutional’ care. The most challenging thing was that she had great difficulty swallowing 6 tablets 4 times per day. She dreaded the times whenever she heard the medication trolley advancing towards her. She became increasingly anxious, which, of course, worsened the situation.

The nursing staff eventually had to resort to crushing her medication and mixing it with various sweeteners, jams, juices and other forms of masking tastes. Unfortunately it tasted like grit, crunchy bits of foul tasting medications. It was far worse than trying to swallow the tablets.  There had to be way to deal with these situations—and this led me to establishing myLiquitab.

I told this dear family friend about myLiquitab.  Unfortunately she passed away before I could help improve her life.


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