Children and How myLiquitab can help them Drink their Medication

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Children and How myLiquitab can help them Drink their Medication

Persuading children to drink their medication can be hard, especially if they do not know how to swallow pills. Other than the fact they would gag, the taste of medicine makes them spit it out immediately. Parents have to crush it and figure out a way to mask the taste. Here are some techniques parents do to mask it.


  1. Mix crushed medicine with jelly.
  2. Mix medicine with yogurt.
  3. Mix medicine with crunchy peanut butter.
  4. Insert the medicine in a fruit-flavoured Gusher.
  5. Put liquid inside the mouth, tilt the head and drop the medicine.


The list of ways parents do to get their child take medicine goes on – and so are the challenges. This is where myLiquitab comes in.

myLiquitab is a revolutionary product that liquefies medicine to help families and medical practitioners dispense medication easier. To help you understand more about this device, we have listed reasons how it can help you and your children with their medicinal intake.


  1. myLiquitab liquefies pills completely.

When we say completely, we mean no residue at all. Residues can cause throat irritation and can even clog naso-gastric tubes. With myLiquitab, patients can take their medication more conveniently.


  1. You don’t need to crush pills.

Crushing pills can be tedious especially if you don’t have the tools for it such as pill crushers. myLiquitab saves you from that as it conveniently liquefies pills. All you need to do is drop the medicine on the beaker with water and let the device liquefy. You can use the time waiting for the medication to dissolve to spend time with your child.


  1. myLiquitab saves you time from dissolving crushed pills.

Even if you have a pill crusher to help you out, you still need to dissolve the powdered pill. You have to wait longer if you want it completely dissolved. With myLiquitab, all you have to do is take the liquefied medication and give it to your child.


  1. myLiquitab has flavourings to mask the taste of pills.

Earlier, we mentioned some advises from parents on masking the taste of medicine to help their children take their medication. myLiquitab can help make it easier. It also includes flavourings you can add to mask the awful taste of medicine. You don’t need to use jelly, or pudding, and or chocolate to mask the taste.


  1. myLiquitab is portable.

With its size, you can easily pack it in your luggage and bring it with you.


myLiquitab has so much more to offer than just liquefying medication. For those with children, you can even get them excited in drinking their medicine.

Make their medicine intake a delightful experience by letting them choose the flavour they want mixed with it. You can also prepare the medicine with them – like cooking sessions! With myLiquitab, persuading children to drink their medication is not a problem anymore.


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