Chest pain, inflammation and infection resulting from pill stuck in throat

“I can’t come to work today because I have to go to the hospital to get my chest pain checked,” texted Jason. Jason is a healthy 21-year old male, what could possibly cause his chest pain? Here’s Jason’s story: Jason took a pill for his migraine the night before. Unfortunately, the pill got stuck in [...]

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24-Year-Old Brother Cannot Swallow Pills and Tablets

Whenever someone mentions a technology that can liquefy tablets (myLiquitab), you’ll find that everyone has a story to tell about a person they know who is unable to swallow tablets. The 24-year-old brother of my soon to be son-in-law is a fit and healthy young man with the world at his feet. However, he is [...]

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4 Children: None Can Swallow Pills and Tablets

It’s a busy life for parents with four children, but the joy they bring makes the hard work all worth it. As a mother of four, there has to be a system to most things we do; but how do you teach a child to swallow pills and tablets? All my four children can't swallow [...]

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15-Year Old Struggles to Swallow Tablets

It was a weekend after a busy school week; but it was not quite the weekend we expected to have. Instead of relaxing on a weekend, we rushed our 15-year old son to the hospital as he experienced excruciating abdominal pain. Was it something he ate, or one that’s more serious? We were beside ourselves [...]

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Man Flu

It's Sunday after a hard weekend of drinking and merry making at my future son in-law’s buck’s night, to celebrate my daughter’s upcoming marriage in the 3 weeks’ time. Starting at 11am in a ‘watering hole’ in Richmond, moving onto numerous water holes. At each venue, the groom to be completes increasingly more daring tasks. Great [...]

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