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Man Flu

It's Sunday after a hard weekend of drinking and merry making at my future son in-law’s buck’s night, to celebrate my daughter’s upcoming marriage in the 3 weeks’ time. Starting at 11am in a ‘watering hole’ in Richmond, moving onto numerous water holes. At each venue, the groom to be completes increasingly more daring tasks. Great [...]

2020-04-16T10:57:49+10:00 June 1st, 2016|Latest News, Stories|

Medication Non-compliance in Prisons and Custodial Centres, and for the Criminally Insane

Medication non-compliance rates are high due to prisoners being "stood over" by other prisoners for either favours or physical harm. Figures support that up to 20% of the prison population suffer some form of psychiatric illness. Up to 80% of prisoners in Australian prisons are on medication for either psychiatric or physical reasons.  As the [...]

Children and How myLiquitab can help them Drink their Medication

Persuading children to drink their medication can be hard, especially if they do not know how to swallow pills. Other than the fact they would gag, the taste of medicine makes them spit it out immediately. Parents have to crush it and figure out a way to mask the taste. Here are some techniques parents [...]

The myLiquitab Founder’s Journey

I am both a registered nurse Div 1 (general nurse) and Div 3 nurse (psychiatrically trainer). During my training, “some many years ago”, liquid medications where freely available for the medical and psychiatric patient treatments. Non-compliance was, as it appeared, a less obvious problem than it is today. As a trained nurse, who was taught [...]

Dementia and Non-Compliance in a Clinical Setting

One of the major problems in elderly care is the issue of medication non-compliance and the time and cost of dispensing it, not only for those with Dysphagia but also with Dementia patients. The incidence of non-compliance in elderly care is estimated to be 70%; and higher in Dementia care. The patients’ cognitive ability deteriorates in the latter [...]

myLiquitab Closes Funding Round

myLiquitab is pleased to advise it has closed an equity funding round. The proceeds will be used to manufacture production tooling, procure the materials and components and pay for labour for the first batch of ‘beta’ production myLiquitab units, and for working capital. mLiquitab is targeting a beta release of units in mid-2016 for user [...]

2020-04-16T11:05:04+10:00 March 22nd, 2016|Latest News, News|

My Motivation in Developing myLiquitab

My daughter, who is now 30 years of age, has never been able to swallow tablets. This difficulty swallowing tablets is often worse than the illness itself. Over a number of years, this has not changed. A number of years ago, a very close family member had to be admitted to an elderly care facility as [...]

2020-04-16T11:05:59+10:00 March 16th, 2016|Elderly Care, Latest News|

D for Dysphagia: A Glimpse at the Life with Difficulty in Swallowing

Dysphagia is one health condition people don’t usually talk about. First, it is unlike other health problems where symptoms can be clearly seen. Someone from your neighborhood or the person sitting next to you in the bus may have it without you knowing it. Second, people don’t talk about it much because of how most patients [...]

2020-04-16T11:06:15+10:00 March 9th, 2016|Health and Lifestyle, Latest News|

Why Crushing Pills Can Do You More Harm than Good

Crushing pills and opening capsules are usually done to help patients take their medication easily. This has become a common practice with stroke patients, children, especially by people suffering from dysphagia (a disease which causes patience to experience discomfort in swallowing). While this practice seems very common, healthcare experts warned patients to be careful in [...]

2020-04-16T11:06:31+10:00 March 1st, 2016|Drugs and Medications, Latest News|