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Paediatric Dysphagia: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

While dysphagia is more common among adults, it can occur at any age. Paediatric Dysphagia is a serious issue that could result in malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, food aversion and on-going need for enteral or parenteral nutrition. Causes of Paediatric Dysphagia Some of the possible causes of dysphagia among children are: developmental disability attributed to [...]

4 Children: None Can Swallow Pills and Tablets

It’s a busy life for parents with four children, but the joy they bring makes the hard work all worth it. As a mother of four, there has to be a system to most things we do; but how do you teach a child to swallow pills and tablets? All my four children can't swallow [...]

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Children and How myLiquitab can help them Drink their Medication

Persuading children to drink their medication can be hard, especially if they do not know how to swallow pills. Other than the fact they would gag, the taste of medicine makes them spit it out immediately. Parents have to crush it and figure out a way to mask the taste. Here are some techniques parents [...]