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myLiquitab: a valuable medication tool for the elderly

As people get older, they often face health conditions that require treatment on a regular basis. Older people with one or more chronic medical disorder, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis take drugs for years. According to MD Mag, elderly patients account for around 33 percent of prescription medication usage in the United [...]

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What causes swallowing problems in the elderly?

Dr Rebecca Leonard, a professor at the Department of Otolaryngology at UC Davis found that “as many as 20% of individuals over the age of 50 years, and most individuals by the age of 80 years, experience some degree of swallowing difficulty." According to Dr Leonard’s study, stroke, dementia and other age-related diseases are the [...]

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What You should Know about Dysphagia

Administering medication to children is always a challenge, which many can associate to dislike in flavour. But when this happens with adults and elders, it is dismissed as pure stubbornness. Little did we know, they may be suffering from a medical condition called Dysphagia.   Difficulty in swallowing pills and tablets or dysphagia is muscle [...]

Dementia and Non-Compliance in a Clinical Setting

One of the major problems in elderly care is the issue of medication non-compliance and the time and cost of dispensing it, not only for those with Dysphagia but also with Dementia patients. The incidence of non-compliance in elderly care is estimated to be 70%; and higher in Dementia care. The patients’ cognitive ability deteriorates in the latter [...]

My Motivation in Developing myLiquitab

My daughter, who is now 30 years of age, has never been able to swallow tablets. This difficulty swallowing tablets is often worse than the illness itself. Over a number of years, this has not changed. A number of years ago, a very close family member had to be admitted to an elderly care facility as [...]

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