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Development of child-friendly medications

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched the Better Medicines for Children (BMC) initiative which promotes the development of child-friendly medications in 2007. The BMC addresses the need to improve medication formulations and focus on making medicines that are suitable for children. In a 2015 report by the Pan American Health Organization, approximately 1000 children die [...]

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myLiquitab: a valuable medication tool for the elderly

As people get older, they often face health conditions that require treatment on a regular basis. Older people with one or more chronic medical disorder, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis take drugs for years. According to MD Mag, elderly patients account for around 33 percent of prescription medication usage in the United [...]

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Paediatric Dysphagia: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

While dysphagia is more common among adults, it can occur at any age. Paediatric Dysphagia is a serious issue that could result in malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, food aversion and on-going need for enteral or parenteral nutrition. Causes of Paediatric Dysphagia Some of the possible causes of dysphagia among children are: developmental disability attributed to [...]

Complications of adult dysphagia

According to Chandra M. Ivey, MD, director of laryngology, voice, and swallowing disorders at Columbia Doctors Eastside in New York City, “dysphagia affects between 7% and 35% of the population.” This statistics is higher among adults. Adult dysphagia can be mild and easily overlooked. Ivey noted that half of dysphagia patients do not discuss their [...]

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Chest pain, inflammation and infection resulting from pill stuck in throat

“I can’t come to work today because I have to go to the hospital to get my chest pain checked,” texted Jason. Jason is a healthy 21-year old male, what could possibly cause his chest pain? Here’s Jason’s story: Jason took a pill for his migraine the night before. Unfortunately, the pill got stuck in [...]

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What You should Know about Dysphagia

Administering medication to children is always a challenge, which many can associate to dislike in flavour. But when this happens with adults and elders, it is dismissed as pure stubbornness. Little did we know, they may be suffering from a medical condition called Dysphagia.   Difficulty in swallowing pills and tablets or dysphagia is muscle [...]

Medication Non-compliance in Prisons and Custodial Centres, and for the Criminally Insane

Medication non-compliance rates are high due to prisoners being "stood over" by other prisoners for either favours or physical harm. Figures support that up to 20% of the prison population suffer some form of psychiatric illness. Up to 80% of prisoners in Australian prisons are on medication for either psychiatric or physical reasons.  As the [...]

The myLiquitab Founder’s Journey

I am both a registered nurse Div 1 (general nurse) and Div 3 nurse (psychiatrically trainer). During my training, “some many years ago”, liquid medications where freely available for the medical and psychiatric patient treatments. Non-compliance was, as it appeared, a less obvious problem than it is today. As a trained nurse, who was taught [...]

Dementia and Non-Compliance in a Clinical Setting

One of the major problems in elderly care is the issue of medication non-compliance and the time and cost of dispensing it, not only for those with Dysphagia but also with Dementia patients. The incidence of non-compliance in elderly care is estimated to be 70%; and higher in Dementia care. The patients’ cognitive ability deteriorates in the latter [...]

Why Crushing Pills Can Do You More Harm than Good

Crushing pills and opening capsules are usually done to help patients take their medication easily. This has become a common practice with stroke patients, children, especially by people suffering from dysphagia (a disease which causes patience to experience discomfort in swallowing). While this practice seems very common, healthcare experts warned patients to be careful in [...]

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