3 reasons where you may benefit from using myLiquitab

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3 reasons where you may benefit from using myLiquitab

  1. You simply dislike taking tablets
    The expression that something is “a hard pill to swallow” isn’t just a metaphor. Swallowing pills can be difficult and downright unpleasant. It causes many people to gag, vomit, or choke.Perhaps you gag at the thought of taking large horse tablets? Perhaps your experiencing morning sickness and need to take your large multivitamin pills in the morning but you can’t stomach the thought of swallowing them? myLiquitab can make your daily ritual of taking tablets easier by taking the tablet out and replacing it with a pleasant tasting liquid.
  2. You need to give the medication to a young child
    There is no set age where children can or can’t swallow tablets. There may be circumstances where a medication is not readily available in liquid form but needs to be administered orally to a young child or teenager than can’t swallow tablets. Solution = myLiquitab
  3. You have had lap band surgery
    If you’ve had a lap band then you know exactly how it feels when you swallow something without chewing it down to small pieces. Large medication tablets and multivitamin tablets can often be the cause of that same feeling. MyLiquitab can help eliminate that heartburn feeling that tablets can cause.

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