15-Year Old Struggles to Swallow Tablets

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15-Year Old Struggles to Swallow Tablets

It was a weekend after a busy school week; but it was not quite the weekend we expected to have.

Instead of relaxing on a weekend, we rushed our 15-year old son to the hospital as he experienced excruciating abdominal pain. Was it something he ate, or one that’s more serious? We were beside ourselves with worry. What was wrong with our darling son?

Appendicitis! Luckily, he was in good hands. An operation was needed sooner rather than later. One small problem: our son is not able to swallow tablets.  He has never been able to. How does he take his tablets to ease the pain while waiting for his operation? The mortar and pestle? There is no other way. What choice do we have?

Crushing tablets is harder than it looks; and it takes so long. All the time our son was screaming in agony.

Finally, the pain-easing tablets were crushed. Now, the challenging part is that they taste disgusting and our son physically gags trying to swallow the foul tasting liquid, which still has gritty tablet remnants in the bottom. How I wish we had a myLiquitab unit during that difficult time.

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