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KEITH DOBSONManaging Director
Keith is the founder and visionary of myliquitab and continues to be the driving force behind the commercialisation of the technology. Keith has a history in the healthcare area in Europe and Australia as a Senior Clinician and also was involved in running a large number of healthcare projects, facilities and technologies, nursing homes, hostels, retirement village communities and community organizations. Keith has also been involved in the commercialisation of a number of technologies.
Chief Financial Officer
Bruce is a financial professional having worked in the financial services sector for over 45 years, almost 40 years of which has been in private practice. Here Bruce has serviced and advised many clients of all scales, both local and national, with a special focus in developing business programs and strategies to improve their future positions. With broad ranging experiences and qualifications in Accounting, Financial Planning, Aged Care Provision and Auditing, Bruce’s more recent qualifications also include Estate Planning. As a former Director of Liquitab he was an integral part of the team in the earlier years before pursuing other business interests. He returns to the team now to assist in the commercialisation of the technology and to provide his financial and planning acumen to the rollout of myLiquitab.
WARREN TATTERSALLBusiness Development
Warren has worked locally and internationally in the Health and Wellness industry for over 25 years. He has worked in Business Development and Distribution directly into half a dozen countries and visited over 50. He brings this wide range of experience to Liquitab with a passion for the product, and deep understanding of how it can help individuals improve their quality of life.
WALLY TENCHCorporate Communications
With a background in Product Design and Development, Wally has been involved the launch and communications of emerging technologies for over 25 years. He is experienced in the development of communications and delivery across all channels and in working with international and national based clients.
Ian comes from a engineering and mechanical background and has been involved in the design, building and implementation of machinery across sectors such as farming and agriculture, food processing, cold storage and packaging as well as construction. Ian and his wife Sue bring a very practical and hands on approach to myLiquitab’s warehousing, stock control and product dispatch management.
THE MYLIQUITAB PHARMACISTClinical Governance Officer (Executive MBA, Bachelor of Pharmacy)
Our Clinical Governance Officer has extensive experience in compounding and Pharmacy. He’s described as a researcher, go-between, and an interventionist who advocates for safe medicine practices. He’s happy to admit that he is committed, emotive, upbeat, logical and methodical in his approach. He’s a past recipient of an Australian Pharmaceutical Industry Award in business and Amcal Scholarship.